Bassaka Media Has Developed ExpoTV – a Mobile CCTV For Fairs, Exhibitions, Events, Showrooms

Bassaka Media has developed ExpoTV – a mobile CCTV for fairs and exhibitions, seminars, conferences and other events, showrooms and stores.

The system is serviced by a server that can transmit video information synchronized on several TV screens (with sizes from 22-60 inches).

Depending on the project, ExpoTV can provide broadcasting of video messages on a total of up to 50 screens. On this system can be streamed events – conferences, seminars, etc.

The system can also be used for broadcasting video advertising spots in fairs and exhibitions and can be configured multimedia solutions for show-rooms and shops.


Bassaka Media is an audio-video rental company in Bucharest, which provide rental of a wide range of equipment – video displays, audio systems, laptops and accessories,etc – for fairs, exhibitions and other events.

Bassaka Team has more than 18 years experience in sound services for fairs, rental video displays, video projectors, podiums, stages, lights and other audio equipment.

Bassaka Media organized in May 2014 the first event in Romania dedicated to unmanned solutions and their practical applications -Unmanned Solutions Forum.

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