Bassaka Media at the Launch Event of the Enescu 2021 Festival

Bassaka Media had the honor to provide technical support at the Press Conference on the occasion of the launch of the George Enescu 2021 Festival.

We’re happy it’s happening! We are glad that it is a jubilee edition, and despite the pandemic, we have the biggest festival so far!  The George Enescu International Festival opened its doors on August 28th.

It is the 25th edition, 140 years since the birth of our great composer, George Enescu and 63 years since the first edition of the Enescu Festival. For 1 month, several thousand Romanian and foreign artists will delight us with a specially chosen repertoire.

The George Enescu Festival is an internationally prestigious event that promotes the culture, talent and inspiration of artists around the world and through their works promotes beauty, love for classical music and values left as a legacy from the Romanian composer.

The 25th edition of the George Enescu International Festival will take place from August 28th to September 26th, 2021.