Bassaka Media offer includes audio spots production, for radio advertising and other events.
  • Easier to follow than a video commercial, the radio one should inform the listeners and launch a single idea; if the message is too complicated, advertising is less effective. 
  • A radio spot with a simple script could be more effective than a commercial that contains too many ideas .
  • The script is very important for a radio spot, but the voice makes the difference. A good voice, clear and natural, who knows how to perform  the script, almost doesn’t need any musical background.

It’s okay to use sound effects and musical backgrounds, but they just need to emphasize and reinforce the message. If used in excess, the listener could be captivated by the music and pay less or no attention to the message. There are many cases when, for example, the listener is humming the song in a commercial, but  he (she) doesn’t know whom it was made for.

For further information about audio spots production, don’t hesitate to contact us .

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