Bassaka Media provide Conference & Other Events Audio Solutions and other conference special services .

It’s all about communication. You are the best in your industry. But do others know it too ?

Conference is one of the most effective communication channels. Costs are small, compared to advertising for example, and the results are important.

Bassaka Media offer includes special conference services & equipments:
  • Audio solutions ( large speakers or a sound distribution through a chain of small speakers, spread evenly within the conference area), wireless microphones, etc;
  • Projectors, laptops, screens, plasma and LCD monitors;
  • Conference audio-video recording and editing to obtain an audio or video material that can be used for post-event needs;
  • Photographic services;
  • Simultaneous translation in several languages and voting system.

For further information about our Conference & Other Events Audio Solutions, don’t hesitate to contact us.