ExpoRADIO - Connecting BusinessBassaka Media has developed ExpoRADIO – a special public address system, for rent and use at fairs, exhibitions, meetings, corporate events, indoor and outdoor sporting events, rallies, religious ceremonies, parades and other types of events.

Fairs and exhibitions represent important meeting-points for companies in a particular field. They bring together, under the same umbrella”, a large number of people interested in that domain. 

The success of these events depends, to a large degree, both on the quality of the attending exhibitors and visitors and on their number, but also on a good communication. Therefore, it is important to use a performant sound system .

Our team has an extended experience, of more than 20 years, in the field of temporary public address systems installation and support.

We provide a variety of public address solutions for temporary installations or long term use ones.

ExpoRADIO sound system includes:

  • multiple PA speakers, evenly distributed within the event area;
  • one or more broadcasting studio(s), equiped with sound source players, amplifiers, mixers, etc;
  • sound technicians;
  • sound network cabling and connectors;
  • different types of speakers suports and suspensions.

Our sound system ExpoRADIO & our digital signage display network ExpoTV, make a difference for the success of your event!

For further details about ExpoRADIO don’t hesitate to contact us.